Try it... you might like it!

Before making the commitment to growing your business with our BNI Bourne chapter, you can experience our meetings first hand.

Our meetings start at 6.45 am but we recommend you arrive at 6.30 am to familiarise yourself with the venue and enjoy an opportunity to network with the members of the group. You’ll be welcomed by our Visitor Host Team (below) who will guide your through the meeting and ensure your entire experience is a brilliant one!

The Morning Schedule

Our morning meetings start at 6.45 am and are structured to ensure you get the most out of your visit, and membership, from meeting fellow professionals, referring business, gaining new knowledge and developing new skills. We’ve detailed the key elements of each meeting below:

Making sure you gain the most from every visit (drag the timeline below left and right).
Education Slot
Member Presentations
Feature Presentation
Members & visitors arrive and sign in by 6.45 am. Visitors are welcomed by our Visitor Host Team.
A brilliant opportunity for members & visitors to make new friendships and start new business relationships.
A weekly education talk for members and visitors to learn new skills, gain new knowledge and insight.
Members and guest have the opportunity to introduce themselves, their business, and specific referrals they are looking for.
A member of the chapter will deliver a 10-minute presentation on their chosen subject (usually their business).
Members will share referrals, thank other members for business referred and testimonials for work/services received.
Another opportunity for members & visitors to network.

Don't take our word for it - try BNI Bourne for yourself by getting in touch!